Shoals at Arbor Hill in Canton, GA

Shoals at Arbor Hill

About Shoals at Arbor Hill

Away from city life, away from the bright lights and the hustle and bustle, Shoals at Arbor Hill is a quiet community nestled in scattered woodlands. It’s the sort of neighborhood where you never have to see your neighbors if you don’t want to, but they’re still close enough that you can call on them for tea whenever you want. In other words—you’ll be away from it all, but not too far away. The houses tend to be relatively new, built in the early 2000’s with many of the modern-day amenities you’d expect of homes in a higher price range. They have greater acreage than you’ll find in the surrounding areas, and many of them come with in-ground pools and big garages. You might have to pay a little extra to live here, but you’ll be treating yourself just right.

Who Lives in Shoals at Arbor Hill

One of the more affluent neighborhoods in Canton, the houses lining Shoals at Arbor Hill skew toward an older residency. It’s a community for people whose kids are all grown up or mostly grown up, a place where you’re more likely to see expensive cars parked out in the driveway than colorful kids’ toys. Residents are also proud about what they’ve done and their success in life, and this is reflected in the care with which they tend to their homes. Freshly-cut lawns and freshly-painted exteriors dot these streets and keep property values on the up and up, making a house in Shoals at Arbor Hill not only a comfortable place to live, but also a sound financial investment.

Real Estate in Shoals at Arbor Hill

The houses in Shoals at Arbor Hill are big, meant for big budgets and with big tracts of land that go along with them — on average you’re going to have around two to four acres to yourself. On the outside, you see stunning landscaping and wraparound porches so you can enjoy the view. These aren’t cookie-cutter houses; your relatives won’t have trouble remembering which house is yours. Each home has its own unique charm and curb appeal that’s bound to make your friends jealous.

On the inside, you’ve got airy open floor plans, with fashionable and intricately designed decor. Some of the homes have multiple kitchens, and all of them have up-to-date appliances; you get what you pay for, and we mean that in the best possible way. You’ll have plenty of room for guests and plenty of room for you to make the space your own. In addition, most homes have fireplaces to help keep you warm at night, as well as central heating when you don’t want to muck about with fireplaces.

Highly Rated Schools Around Shoals at Arbor Hill

If it’s higher education you’re after, Reinhardt University is only a stone’s throw away and offers a comprehensive liberal arts education. There’s also Kennesaw State, the third largest college in Georgia’s university system and home to well-lauded programs in nursing, criminal justice, business, education, and sports management.

Where to Indulge

Less than 10 minutes away on Route 20 are a variety of locales for indulging each and every one of your inner foodie cravings. For traditional home-cooked southern meals, you have the Simply Southern Restaurant; for Italian, there’s the Venti Bistro, known for its fresh ingredients and extensive wines list. If you’d rather cook your own meals, there’s also a lovely fine foods store called Home Appétit, which specializes in artisanal herbs, spices, and oils.

When it’s time to burn some of those calories, consider a stroll down Smithwick Creek, which is a minutes’ walk from Shoals at Arbor Hill. For the more adventuresome, Cycletall down on Sunflower Ridge will outfit you with quality biking gear, their expert staff ready and willing to help meet your specific cycling needs. Before you settle in to your new home, don’t miss a stop at MagnifiScent Warmers to get yourself a housewarming gift. They boast over 80 varieties of long-lasting, slow-melting “Scentsy Bars” to give your home a comforting aroma.

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Why Move to Shoals at Arbor Hill

If you’ve been looking for the peace and serenity of country living without actually being out in the country, then Shoals at Arbor Hill is the place for you. You’ll get big houses with big rooms surrounded by even bigger yards, without the threat of noisy neighbors disrupting your work or play. You’ll enjoy a variety of enticing restaurants within a moment’s drive.

Why should you move here? Simple—because you deserve it. Treat yourself!