Towne Lake Hills (East & West) in Woodstock, GA

Towne Lake Hills Woodstock GA

By Einar Kramer

About Towne Lake Hills

Nestled in the small town of Woodstock, Towne Lake Hills is a planned community of upscale residential homes. The land on which the neighborhood was built was once known as the “Thousand-Acre Woods” by locals. Within Towne Lake, several subdivisions exist, including Towne Lake Hills East and Towne Lake Hills West. The community’s name comes from its proximity to nearby Lake Allatoona.

Woodstock is a beautifully historic Georgia town with a bright downtown of historic buildings. The community’s official website tells the fascinating story of a family who opened a store called Dean’s Store in 1906, which would remain in the family through the present. Brick paved sidewalks, cute antique shops, and snug coffee houses give this welcoming community true character.

Residents of Towne Lake Hills East and Towne Lake Hills West benefit from the meeting of a planned community that features all the amenities of modern construction alongside the remarkable and proud tradition of historic Georgia in Woodstock.

Who Lives in Towne Lake Hills

Although census figures peg the population of Woodstock at around 27,000 people, this cozy suburb was one of the fastest growing communities in Georgia in the past decade. Woodstock is one of the largest cities in Georgia and remains a popular destination for families looking for friendly, small-town opportunities in a thriving community. It’s not uncommon for residents in Woodstock to work in Atlanta since the community is just a quick 30 minute drive north from the city’s center. Woodstock is a historic town with many residents who’ve called the community home for generations. However, new families have been moving into the area since the 1990s after development of Towne Lake Hills was underway.

Real Estate in Towne Lake Hills

Atlanta considers Woodstock a part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, and the cozy suburb has experienced some significant growth in the new century. Each of the planned communities within Towne Lake features a different style of architecture, and the residences of Towne Lake Hills East are spacious and often feature several bedrooms and a pool.

Residents of Towne Lake Hills West also enjoy beautiful homes, many of which are designed with vivid brick facades and lush trees planted around the property. Towne Lake Hills saw its first development in the 1980s. Many of the homes of these two subdivisions were built in the mid-1990s or after the millennium.

One of the best features of Towne Lake Hills is the variance in home and lot size, as well as price-points and amenities. Families seeking a home in an exclusive neighborhood will find many homes in excess of 5,000 square feet with features like finished basements and dual walk-in closets. Families looking to move up from their starter home will also find opportunity in these communities with homes in the 2,500 to 3,500 square foot range.

Highly Rated Schools Around Towne Lake Hills

The schools serving Woodstock and the residents of Towne Lake Hills receive high marks from Great Schools. After high school graduation, students will often head into Atlanta to attend college or higher education. Georgia has a proud and strong tradition of sending its students to respected colleges.

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Where to Indulge

Whether your interests run toward shopping and antiquing or whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find opportunities for entertainment, dining, and activity in Woodstock. If you’re looking to enjoy a clear spring day with terrific views of the surrounding countryside, you might visit Olde Rope Mill Park and take a walk along the paved walking trail. For a more adventurous day, there’s also a mountain bike trail that runs for 14 miles around the park.

If you’d like to leave the hiking boots at home and enjoy a nice time out at one of Woodstock’s many restaurants, you’ll want to visit Tea Leaves and Thyme, which bills itself as the only tea house in Georgia. If you’d like to experience the delicious tradition of southern cuisine, you’ll want to visit The Magnolia Thomas Restaurant, which is known for its innovative approach to classic southern cuisine.

The lauded and traditional Georgia sport of golfing makes an appearance in Woodstock, and there are several ways to get out onto the fairways to practice your swing. The Cherokee Golf Center is a great stop if you’ve never played golf before and need some practice sessions. You’ll want to consider membership at Towne Lake Hills Golf Club if you’re looking for golf at a traditional and refined course.

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Why Move to Towne Lake Hills

The residents of Towne Lake Hills seek homes of distinction in a variety of styles and sizes. One of the best features of Towne Lake Hills West is the occasional appearance of large, single-story homes, which tends to feel like rarity in today’s exclusive suburbs. However, both East and West also feature many homes of new construction with multiple stories and large garages.

Whether you’re looking for a large ranch floor plan with vaulted ceilings and beautifully large picture windows, or an elite two-story home with a stately brick exterior and refined landscaping, you’ll find that Towne Lake Hills West and East offer the opportunity to find the home of your dreams among the gracious citizens of Woodstock.